Meetings and meals

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On Sunday, Feb. 19, the Music Committee will be meeting at Terry and Kelly’s home after the morning service.

Later, after the evening service, we will be having a Chili Social in the Fellowship Hall. Bring your favorite chili or chili accoutrements and, of course, deserts.

Dinner and a Mystery

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Church youth will be presenting an Old West mystery during our Valentine’s Dinner this Friday, Feb. 10.

It will be an interactive investigation and teams will work to figure out who dunnit. The dinner begins at 6 p.m. The cost is $10 for big people and $2 for sixth-graders and below. The dinner will be catered by Rib Crib. You may put your money in the offering plate with the envelope designated for the Valentine’s Dinner.

You’re encouraged to dress Old West style, or in a costume as members of a U.S. Marshal’s possee, stranded stage-coach passengers, ranch hands, a cavalry patrol or a tribe of Indians. Prizes will be awarded for mystery solvers, or, if it goes unsolved, to the “criminal” who gets away with it. There also will be a prize for the best costume.

Definitions to Remember

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A term used by some Christians for the Lord’s Supper. It is also used of the close fellowship believers have with God through the Holy Spirit.


To be found guilty and awaiting punishment.


When Jesus came from Heaven to earth, he was leaving the worship and comforts to come to a place where he would be unrecognized and mistreated. The act of doing this, as well as His willingness to do this, is sometimes referred to as His condescension.