Donations for the Troops

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There’s still plenty of time to make your donations to the Blue Star Mothers for shipment to our active duty troops. Donation boxes are in the men’s classroom and in the foyer between the sanctuary and bathroom. The donations will go to Tulsa Chapter 1 for packaging and mailing on May 10th.

To learn more about the Oklahoma Chapter One of Blue Star Mothers, click here.

Here is a comprehensive list of supplies needed for the troops. Please purchase food items as individual-size and all toiletries are travel-size.

EZ-Mac & Cheese (NOT BOWLS)
Soup – READY TO EAT (pop top)
Tuna, chicken, or salmon pouches
Dried fruit (individual packets)
Beef jerky/Slim Jims (small or individual)
Instant oatmeal (individual packets)
Breakfast/granola bars
Crackers (individually wrapped packages)
Pop tarts
Ramen noodle packets (NOT BOWLS)
Sunflower seeds or trail mix (individual packets)
Coffee (individual)
Tea bags (individual)
Powdered drink mixes (individual packets)
Spiced apple cider (individual packets)
Candy (individually wrapped)
Cream/sugar packets
Baby wipes (resealable bag) uncented
Foot powder (travel size)
Eye drops (small)
Hand sanitizer (travel size)
Sunscreen (small lotion or gel)
Dental floss
Mouthwash (travel size)
Toothpaste (travel size)
Disposable razors
Tylenol/Advil (small bottles)
Cough drops
Socks (100% cotton or wool)
AAA or AA batteries
Ziploc bags (any size)
Puzzle books
Pens or mechanical pencils

Definitions to Remember

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All-knowing. Only God is omniscient.


A church practice established by God’s command. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are the two ordinances of the church.

Original Sin: 

The understanding that our sin has its origins in the original sin of Adam in the Garden of Eden and that is where we get our bent toward sin.

Catechism Questions 29 & 30

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29. What do we inherit from Adam as a result of this original sin?
A. A sinful nature.
Psalm 58:3; Genesis 6:5; Matthew 15:18-20; John 2:24-25; Romans 8:7; Ephesians 2:3

30. What does every sin deserve?
A: The anger and judgement of God.
Romans 1:18; Galatians 3:10; Ephesians 5:6