Calvary Baptist Church believes that being missional involves not only our members carrying the Great Commission to the world but holding the rope for others to do the same.? Below you will find the specific missionaries and projects that we support.

We also encourage you to read our essential convinctions? in regards to missionary work.?

Wycliffe Bible Translators – Papua New Guinea

Michael and Faith Turner work in Papua New Guinea in Scripture Engagement. They enjoy helping Papua New Guineans discover ways to use God’s Word and allow it to impact their lives. One of the ways they do this is through Sunday school workshops – helping Papua New Guineans learn ways to use games, memory verse activities, nature crafts and other readily-available materials to help children learn from the Bible. They have two sons, Daniel, left, and Kevin, right.

To read more about the Turner family and about the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators, we encourage you to visit their website.

Gideons International

The Gideons International is an association of Christian businessmen committed to the distribution of God’s Word around the world. Best known for the Bibles that they place in hotels, they also distribute scriptures at schools, prisons and hospitals. God has used Gideon Bibles to bring people to Himself on every continent. The local gathering of Gideons, known as a “camp,” includes several?members of?Calvary Baptist. To read more about the Gideons, visit their website.

Gospel of John Project

We are committed to evangelizing our entire community and it is our desire to personally present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every home in our city.? There are approximately 13,000 homes in our community and we are reaching them primarily in two ways.? By mailing a Gospel of John to every home and then visiting each home with a Gospel Tract in the form of a door hanger.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

The International Misssion Board is an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, with a mission is to make disciples of all peoples in fulfillment of the Great Commission.? Calvary? Baptist Church supports the annual Lottie Moon Christmas Offering to support this mission. To read more, visit the IMB website.