What Are Fighter Verses?
Fighter Verses are short passages of Scripture which we?encourage our members?to memorize each week. The Scripture, day after day, reveals to us the greatness of all that God is for us in Christ so that by the power of the Spirit we find our joy in him and the ways of sin become distasteful ? indeed ugly and repugnant.

How Will I Know Which Verses to Memorize?
Find the weekly Fighter Verse here on the web.

Why Memorize the Bible?
For many reasons! Here are a few. It is one of the most effective ways to ?meditate? on the Word of God ?day and night? (Joshua 1:8); to treasure it in our hearts that we might not sin against the Lord (Psalm 119:11); and to meditate on the Lord in the ?night watches? (Psalm 63:6) so that we can regard all his ways (Psalm 119:15). Since ?faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God? (Romans 10:17), the memorized Word helps us in evangelism making the Word of truth readily available to build our own and others? faiths. It works on our hearts to cultivate Christ-like character. It helps us to resist temptation, and enhances prayer and worship. We recommend Pastor John Piper’s? helpful message on memorizing scripture ?for further encouragement.

2014 Scripture Memory

Scripture Set A

Scripture Set B

Scripture Set C

Scripture Set D

Scripture Set E

For practical help on how to memorize, please see An Approach to Extended Scripture Memorization by Andrew Davis.? We would like to thank former Bethlehem Baptist Pastor John Piper for this Fighter Verse Program.